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PassageMail simple access to important time sensitive data in remote locations

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PassageMail is the leading messaging service optimized for low bandwidth - high latency communication services. These communication services include high-frequency radio, satellite, and others. The low bandwidth / high latency nature of these communication systems makes it necessary to eliminate messaging and traffic waste. Significant effort is applied to eliminating spam, malware, viruses, broadly distributed mail, and other waste that consume bandwidth. Specific features are provided that are unique requirements of PassageMail© users. These include simplified methods of retrieving complex weather information and raw data, emergency communications methods, connect and reconnect as needed for intermittently communications.

The focus of PassageMail© is to provide critical communication services to this unique market, The Adventurers, Explorers, Researchers, and Emergency Personnel in the most remote locations of the world through a simple to use and effective appkications. PassageMail applications are compatible with OS X, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.

PassageMail members enjoy specialized email, a personal blog site, simpified weather file access, passage planning tools, and chat capabiliites. Additional features include a full Navigation software suite with NMEA integration and free - always updated - charts. PassageMail also sells NOAA Certified paper charts - ensuring you always pass inspection. PassageMail NOAA Charts are available in virtually indestructble formats that always inlcude the standard certified chart too.

PassageMail Research members have access to PassageMails unique research tool that makes collecting data, onsite observations, samples and specimens quick and efficient. Simply identify the sample or observation, collect, snap the photo that includes the research organizations specimen label and PassageMail resarch does the rest - OCR, data capture, location, time, date, photo, and comments. Then PassageMail Research saves the information in an internationally agreed format for simplified delivery to any research organization you are helping. PassageMail Research is built in cooperation with OPDERA.ORG, The truth about plastic waste in the oceans of the world -

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