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PassageMail was created to make communication from remote locations of the world easier. The PassageMail platform is a comprehensive collection of applications that you need to stay in touch, plan, navigate, obtain, and share important information regarding your adventures into remote locations where connectivity is poor at best. Our custom-built email system provides quick, efficient, and safe access to inbound and outbound messages by taking aggressive steps to eliminate SPAM, Malware, and Viruses. This allows you to focus the bandwidth you have on your important messages, not junk.


PassageMail Weather reporting makes it easy to obtain the weather maps and reports you need from weather services around the world. Simply select, schedule, and request. The PassageMail server does the rest by maintaining your requests and their schedules to automatically gather the reports and maps you need so they are ready for you the next time you have a connection.

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PasageMail Blog is your own personal blog with your personal blog web address which is the same as your PassageMail email user name. PassageMail Blog is a full featured blog that provides a simplified interface to creating blog posts, adding photos, videos, and galleries. PassageMail Blog is an integrated part of PassageMail apps and allows for simplified blog posting from remote locations while offline then adding the new blog post the next time you are able to connect. No more waiting until you can load a web page so post to your blog. PassageMail Blog integrates with PassageMail weather and location services by autofilling location, heading, weather information and other information directly into your new blog post making it easy to include your stats so you can focus on your content and photos. PassageMail Blog aslo includes SEO settings specific for you raisig you blogs profile in the web and in search engines.


PassageMail Navigation is a full-featured navigation application with simplified access to free government navigational charts. PassageMail Navigation supports NMEA integration to all your systems and instruments for live feeds and instrumentation. PassageMail Navigation includes an automated electronic logbook that can be displayed on screen, printed, or even bound for that special memory of any voyage.


PassageMail Chart provides NOAA certified navigational paper charts. PassageMail Chart makes it easy for you to select the charts you need and get them delivered quickly. PassageMail Chart also provides upgraded chart options such as the waterproof chart and the PassageMail Indestructible chart that you could use underwater up to 100 feet! Deeper depths have not been tested. :-) All PassageMail Chart upgrades also include a standard NOAA certified chart as well. So you get two charts! The one you use, and the one you use for inspections. PassageMail recommends that you always have paper charts with you.


PassageMail Research members have access to PassageMail's unique research tool that makes collecting data, onsite observations, samples, and specimens quick and efficient. Simply identify the sample or observation, collect, snap the photo that includes the research organizations’ specimen label and PassageMail research does the rest - OCR, data capture, location, time, date, photo, and comments. Then PassageMail Research saves the information in an internationally agreed format for simplified delivery to any research organization you are helping. PassageMail Research is built in cooperation with OPDERA.ORG, The truth about plastic waste in the oceans of the world - This service is offered at no charge for those that ask for it. Please help to research the most remote areas of the world. You can help the world by becoming a citizen scientist.